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Get Your Inner West Blocked Drains Fixed, Fast!

When your drains are working just fine, we hardly notice them at all as the water and waste flows away quietly and efficiently. But if you don’t get them checked regularly by a professional, a blockage may just as quietly be brewing beneath the surface – and if it clogs up completely, you’re in for a messy, smelly and potentially damaging and even devastating problem.

Luckily, Affordable Plumbing Solutions really are the masters of clearing blocked drains Inner West wide. We offer fast solutions thanks to the latest and greatest tools & equipment, guaranteed workmanship, fair and upfront pricing – and even a 24/7 emergency response for those true drain nightmares.

Whether in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or somewhere else inside your property, whether it’s your stormwater that’s causing problems or maybe you just require a trusty blocked drain plumber – we’re always there for you!

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Watch Out For The Signs Of A Blocked Drain:

All over Sydney’s inner west, a problem with blocked drains can present either as water & waste that simply won’t go down or has already overflowed, or you’ll notice one or more of the following signs & symptoms of an impending total blockage:

1. The sights

If you notice that your toilets, showers, baths and sinks are slow to drain, or if you spot water rising in the shower or the toilet when another drain is trying to do its work, you’ve almost certainly got a blockage in the works.

2. The smells

Foul stench seeping up from that drain? It’s just the gunk, debris, grease and other backed-up stuff beneath the surface that is in the process of rotting.

3. The sounds

Do you hear ‘glug glug’? How about ‘blub blub’ or another variation of the sort of gurgling sounds that blocked drains tend to do? It’s time to do something about it.

Save $$$ With Affordable Plumbing Solutions!

At Affordable Plumbing Solutions, we have the best Inner West plumbers residents trust and recommended for high quality, licenced workmanship and customer service excellence. Choose us for:

  • Licenced professional plumbers
  • Upfront pricing
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • Quick emergency response

When you need an Inner West plumber, you can never go wrong with Affordable Plumbing Solutions: the plumbers Inner West locals trust.

Need A Blocked Drain Cleared? What’s Next?

Here at Affordable Plumbing Solutions, we understand that the blocked drains Sydney inner west locals and small businesses grapple with every single day of the year are frustrating, disruptive, smelly, messy and damaging. So before making a call to the blocked drain cleaning experts, why not grab a plunger?

You can also try:

  • Boiling water: While the kettle is boiling, also find some salt, bi-carb and vinegar to add to the brew, or pop out for a chemical drain cleaner.
  • A drain snake: If the plunger didn’t work, the next level is a drain snake that you can grab from any decent hardware store.
  • The U-bend: If you’re handy with your DIY, many physical blockages occur right under the sink in the U-bend.

But if all of that just made you even more frustrated while the blockage remained stubbornly blocked, don’t worry: Affordable Plumbing Solutions’ friendly, licensed Sydney plumbers have experienced masters with all sorts of hard to locate, hard to diagnose, hard to access and hard to repair drain blockages.

Remember, it might not be a build-up of grease and hair causing that backed-up drain, it might actually be:

  • An overloaded drain
  • A poorly installed drain & pipes
  • A tree root invasion
  • A build-up of mineral deposits or pipe scale
  • A damaged, collapsed, broken or disintegrated drain

Inner West Blocked Drain Cleaning Services

For those more seriously damaged or blocked drains inner west wide and beyond, you can count on Affordable Plumbing Solutions’ years in the game – we really have seen it all! We’ll always head to your place or premises straight away with a fully-stocked van, specialist equipment like high-pressure water jetters, CCTV camera inspection technology and innovative ‘no dig’ pipe re-lining gear for a fast fix that won’t damage your home or garden.

We’ll take care of any blocked drains in Sydney inner west including:

And if your blocked drain simply won’t wait, don’t stand in a foul puddle of drain water in the middle of the night and instead call our 24/7 emergency line on 0417 142 430 – right now!

No matter where you are in Sydney’s beautiful inner west region, a blocked drain won’t get you down when Affordable Plumbing Solutions is your local plumber that is always just around the corner. Give us a call or send us a message today – and we’ll be right there.

Affordable Plumbing Solutions And Sydney’s Inner West:

When the friendly guys at Affordable Plumbing Solutions make another visit to the inner west, we always appreciate one of the oldest parts of Sydney that began to sprout around the Parramatta River – where there’s always something happening. Today, the stretch of neighbourhoods due west of the CBD are nothing short of lively and eminently liveable – even if the great people and businesses still struggle with blocked drains and other plumbing problems. Need a hand with your plumbing in Ashfield, Balmain, Dulwich Hill, Marrickville, Strathfield and anywhere in Sydney’s inner west? Give us a call today and we’ll be right there!


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    I just created an account to write a review for Daniel from Affordable Plumbing Solutions as his professionalism deserves my efforts. Long story short, I had block drains and a really bad experience with another plumbing company, which could not fix the problem (I still have to pay....). I then came to Dan. He fixed the blocked drains, pinpointed the root of the problem and planed the preventative measures. Thanks to Dan to end the nightmare. I would highly recommend him if you need plumbing service.
    Justin J
  • Image testimonials
    Highly recommend this service. I had tree roots blocking my pipes. Daniel is very professional, coming to my place early, and was patient to diagnose where the true issue it is rather than just using Jetta. I haven't used Affordable Plumbing Solutions services for a long while. What impressed me is he still can find my last time issue according to his database. Finally, he pinpointed the problem and fixed it. I will definitely be using Affordable Plumbing Solutions for all of our plumbing needs going forward.
    Taylor C
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    Daniel was very quick and efficient changing our broken and blocked sewer He charged us with a very reasonable price and worked professionally! Will call you again.Thank you!
  • Image testimonials
    Thank you Daniel for clearing our blocked drains and for giving us a long term solution to reline. We are very happy with the work you have done.
    Mrs J

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