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Do you have stormwater drainage problems?

A blocked stormwater drain is definitely a pain – but it can be a much bigger problem than that! Unblocking stormwater drains is one of the most common household plumbing & maintenance tasks, especially after a long time between professional servicing and very commonly after a heavy storm. Ignore it for too long and your home, health & hip pocket are at risk – luckily, Affordable Plumbing Solutions can help you with that!

  • Noticed any pooling water or flooding?
  • Detecting a rotten smell?
  • Drains slow to clear after a downpour?
  • Shower, sinks and toilets gurgling?

Unfortunately, you won’t really notice your storm water drains blocked until you need them to work the most – and by then, the damage could be done!

storm in Sydney

In most cases, a blocked stormwater drain indicates either a fundamental plumbing problem or a build-up of sticks, leaves and other debris. You may also require professional stormwater drain cleaning or repairs because of:

  • Wear & tear or poor maintenance
  • Drain damage
  • Tree root intrusion
  • Poor plumbing & installation

Save $$$ With Affordable Plumbing Solutions!

At Affordable Plumbing Solutions, we have the best blocked stormwater drain plumbers residents trust and recommended for high quality, licenced workmanship and customer service excellence. Choose us for:

  • Licenced professional plumbers
  • Upfront pricing
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • Quick emergency response

When you need a plumber for your blocked stormwater drains, you can never go wrong with Affordable Plumbing Solutions: the plumbers Sydney locals and businesses trust.

What should you do about unblocking stormwater drains?

blocked stormwater drain sydneyEspecially if it’s sunny outside, unblocking stormwater drains may be the furthest thing from your mind. But don’t forget about it for long, because stormwater drains blocked for any reason can be more damaging than you imagine.

Before you know it, your home could be surrounded by its very own swamp or moat, while undrained water you can’t see may seep into the ground and into your foundations. Unchecked stormwater problems can lead to:

  • A huge mess
  • Damage to property & your garden
  • Big repair bills
  • Water damage inside and out
  • Health & safety hazards
  • Cracks & sagging floors
  • House leaning & compromised foundations

Worried yet? Don’t be, because hopefully, you’ve caught the problem before it does too much damage to your assets, your home and your family’s health, safety & lifestyle. Here at Affordable Plumbing Solutions, we are proud to offer fully professional stormwater drain cleaning, clearing, repairs and re-laying. No matter what the job needs, our fully-licensed and friendly Sydney plumbing team have the experience and specialised tools to get it done quickly.

All over Sydney’s North Shore and beyond, we specialise in drain inspection, unblocking drains and other stormwater infrastructure services so that your problem is dealt with today – for complete peace of mind tomorrow.

How to clear blocked stormwater pipes with our support?

If your maintenance is overdue, you notice pooling water or slow-to-clear drains, or your gutters & downpipes are not coping with all that water or gurgling, it’s time to give one of our friendly and fully licensed professionals a call right now.

We guarantee:

  • An honest, guaranteed & affordable plumbing solution for every residential or commercial job
  • 24/7 emergency repairs if necessary
  • An innovative ‘no-dig’ pipe relining service
  • The best equipment, tools & customer service

If you notice your stormwater drains blocked, struggling or in need of maintenance, repairs or even re-laying, Affordable Plumbing Solutions are the most trusted name all across Sydney’s North Shore and beyond. If you’re ready for a quick response and consultation or want to find out more about our professional services in stormwater, give the team a call today.


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    I just created an account to write a review for Daniel from Affordable Plumbing Solutions as his professionalism deserves my efforts. Long story short, I had block drains and a really bad experience with another plumbing company, which could not fix the problem (I still have to pay....). I then came to Dan. He fixed the blocked drains, pinpointed the root of the problem and planed the preventative measures. Thanks to Dan to end the nightmare. I would highly recommend him if you need plumbing service.
    Justin J
  • Image testimonials
    Highly recommend this service. I had tree roots blocking my pipes. Daniel is very professional, coming to my place early, and was patient to diagnose where the true issue it is rather than just using Jetta. I haven't used Affordable Plumbing Solutions services for a long while. What impressed me is he still can find my last time issue according to his database. Finally, he pinpointed the problem and fixed it. I will definitely be using Affordable Plumbing Solutions for all of our plumbing needs going forward.
    Taylor C
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    Daniel was very quick and efficient changing our broken and blocked sewer He charged us with a very reasonable price and worked professionally! Will call you again.Thank you!
  • Image testimonials
    Thank you Daniel for clearing our blocked drains and for giving us a long term solution to reline. We are very happy with the work you have done.
    Mrs J

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