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Have Your Pipes Repaired With Robotic Pipe Cutting

There are a lot of plumbers out there, but not many with the rare experience, specialised training and invaluable know-how to answer “yes” whenever you need work done in the area of robotic pipe cutting Sydney wide.

In combination with our already popular services in innovative pipe relining, the highly advanced world in super high-tech robotic pipe cutting is a true game-changer in the world of plumbing.

High-tech equipment for fast & affordable outcomes

What is robotic pipe-cutting, we hear you ask? It’s a little like the CCTV drain inspection cameras that plumbers have been using for years – but ultra-evolved. Our robotic pipe cutting equipment is made just for the sorts of drains and pipes that lie at the heart of your property’s plumbing systems, and features an incredibly precise and robotically-controlled cutting head that can slash and slice through whatever is in its way.

But it’s also designed to perform incredible 360-degree cuts, allowing for fast, smooth, effortless, highly accurate, non-destructive and hassle-free pipe work, joint resurfacing, cutting, unblocking, pipe relining preparation and so much more.

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Robotic pipe cutting Sydney wide – What can we do for you?

Combined with Affordable Plumbing Solutions’ renowned attention to detail, our pipe cutting experts guarantee 5-star workmanship every time when you ask us to do your pipe cutting Sydney wide. It’s the perfect choice for affordable, speedy and minimally disruptive plumbing work no matter the residential, commercial or even industrial purpose.

Our robotic pipe cutting service can:

  • Chew through stormwater drain blockages, debris, build-up and tree roots with ease
  • Remove any obstructions from pipe work
  • Record high-definition video and still imagery
  • Manoeuvre around bends and through different-diameter pipes without causing damage
  • Be used in horizontal or vertical piping
  • Precisely cut, remove & repair damaged or collapsed pipes
  • Clean, de-scale, grind and/or smooth pipes
  • Remove rust

With our years of experience and the latest & best in robotic pipe cutting technologies, our service is quite simply part of the most cost-effective, minimally-disruptive and affordable way to go about your 21st-century plumbing needs.

In the past, your plumber’s hands may have been tied in terms of what they are able to locate, reach and repair without costly and highly destructive excavation missions that in so many cases was little more than educated guess-work. Our service in robotic pipe cutting Sydney wide changes all that!

Thanks to the skills, up-to-the-minute knowledge and specialised training of our friendly Affordable Plumbing Solutions team, we are able to guarantee superb workmanship and the swiftest, most precise and truly cost-efficient outcomes – no matter the job.

Get in touch with our robotic pipe cutting team today!

So if you have some work for our skilled Sydney plumbing company and high-tech equipment, whether it’s a big job, a little job or something in between, don’t hesitate for a second longer – and ask us what our robotic pipe cutting experts and gear can do for you today.


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    Exceptional service from Dan. Dan came and gave us an honest assessment of the situation and provided a clear plan to rectify the problem, his knowledge was excellent. From start to finish Dan's workmanship was top quality. I would recommend Dan to anyone that is looking for a plumber to not only get the job done, but to get the best job done.
    Stewart Stead
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    Daniel has always provided exceptional service to us over the years. He is friendly, professional, reliable and completes his work to a high standard.
    Vanessa Pereira
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    This is the second time I've had APS out and both times Daniel has been thorough and completed the job in good time and for a reasonable price. Will use them again.
    Mark Van Leeuwen

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