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Blocked Sink Drains Cleared In Sydney

How often do you take the smooth functioning of your sink and other drains for granted? If you’re like most people, you don’t give them much thought at all until you find yourself with a troublesome blocked sink.

Those bathroom, kitchen and other sinks are particularly handy and crucial elements of your household plumbing. So if yours are playing up, trust no one except the experts in clearing Sydney’s blocked sink drains.

Affordable Plumbing Solutions’ expert blocked sink services

  • Got a blocked bathroom sink?
  • Blocked kitchen sink getting you down?
  • Are your drains slow to clear?
  • Do your drains smell foul or strange?
  • Is your sink gurgling or noisy?
blocked sink cleared

If you notice any of the common signs of a blocked sink drain in your home or premises, you’ve found the masters in clearing any kinds of blocked drain!

When working properly, you hardly even notice your sink perform its important work in efficiently clearing away unwanted water or waste. Ignore those signs of a blocked sink, though, and you could be in for trouble.

Save $$$ With Affordable Plumbing Solutions!

At Affordable Plumbing Solutions, we have the best blocked sink drain plumbers residents trust and recommended for high quality, licenced workmanship and customer service excellence. Choose us for:

  • Licenced professional plumbers
  • Upfront pricing
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • Quick emergency response

When you need a plumber for your blocked sink drains, you can never go wrong with Affordable Plumbing Solutions: the plumbers Sydney locals and businesses trust.

Blocked Sink Sydney – Why it needs fixing quickly

Here at Affordable Plumbing Solutions, we’re the masters at fixing, clearing, cleaning and unblocking sinks and drains of every type. We service Sydney’s Northern Suburbs and beyond with affordable prices, we carry all the latest gear and parts, our plumbers are all fully licensed and friendly, we always turn up on time, and we promise guaranteed workmanship – no excuses.

Ignore that blocked sink drain and you’re risking:

  • Damage, mess and a clean-up bill
  • Flooding
  • Plumbing damage, leaks and bigger repair bills
  • Health & safety hazards due to bacteria growth

If something’s really gone wrong and you can’t wait to get it put right, we also offer a super-fast and still-affordable 24 hour emergency plumbing service that means your family, property and peace of mind are fully protected – around the clock.

We can repair every blocked sink Sydney wide

That blocked sink might be giving you a headache, but it’s actually one of the most common residential and commercial plumbing issues that our experienced tradespeople deal with every single day.

Your sink is an important and hard-working part of your plumbing that needs to be working properly every time you turn on the tap, so for your lifestyle, health and hip pocket, make sure it’s always given the professional attention it needs.

Why is your Sydney sink blocked?

Our plumbers report that sinks become blocked every day for a range of reasons all over Sydney’s North Shore and beyond. The most common causes are:

  • Objects & obstructions
  • Food waste build-up
  • Hair, soap and dirt
  • Build-up of minerals
  • Tree roots
  • Poor plumbing installation

Have you tried a plunger, a kettle of boiling water, some baking soda & vinegar or a drain snake? When all else fails, don’t risk doing further plumbing damage or causing a giant mess and an even bigger plumbing bill. Let the local Sydney plumbers at Affordable Plumbing Solutions’ experienced experts deal with it swiftly and professionally – and make you smile with our famously low prices. Don’t let a blocked sink drain get you down, and instead give us a call today.


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    I just created an account to write a review for Daniel from Affordable Plumbing Solutions as his professionalism deserves my efforts. Long story short, I had block drains and a really bad experience with another plumbing company, which could not fix the problem (I still have to pay....). I then came to Dan. He fixed the blocked drains, pinpointed the root of the problem and planed the preventative measures. Thanks to Dan to end the nightmare. I would highly recommend him if you need plumbing service.
    Justin J
  • Image testimonials
    Highly recommend this service. I had tree roots blocking my pipes. Daniel is very professional, coming to my place early, and was patient to diagnose where the true issue it is rather than just using Jetta. I haven't used Affordable Plumbing Solutions services for a long while. What impressed me is he still can find my last time issue according to his database. Finally, he pinpointed the problem and fixed it. I will definitely be using Affordable Plumbing Solutions for all of our plumbing needs going forward.
    Taylor C
  • Image testimonials
    Daniel was very quick and efficient changing our broken and blocked sewer He charged us with a very reasonable price and worked professionally! Will call you again.Thank you!
  • Image testimonials
    Thank you Daniel for clearing our blocked drains and for giving us a long term solution to reline. We are very happy with the work you have done.
    Mrs J

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