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Water Jetting Services In Sydney

Jet rodding, drain jetter, hydro jetter…they go by a few names. But did you know that ultra high-pressure water jetting is the future of clean & clear drains? Plungers, chemicals and augers may do a good job, but the most future-focused plumbing specialists on earth wouldn’t leave home without their high pressure water jetter.

When it comes to blocked drain tools, a water drain jetter is king. Why? Because it’s…

Highly effective: The latest and greatest technology is almost always the best – and high pressure water jetting proves that in spades. Even the most stubborn, complex and caked-on clogs are blasted away by the hot and ultra high pressure water jet, delivered deep into your drains & pipes with pressure in the tens of thousands of PSI.

Safe, healthy & eco-friendly: In stark contrast to chemicals and more intrusive professional drain blockage techniques, that ultra high pressure water jet is totally eco-friendly. And while years of build-up and harmful bacteria is blasted off in a matter of seconds and minutes, your pipes will always be safe & sound and your family will be kept healthy.

high pressure water jetting sydney

Long-lasting: Perfect not only for dealing with today’s problems, the incredible, scalding intensity of ultra high pressure water jetting actually makes it a lot less likely that debris and deposits will start building up and caking themselves to the insides of your pipes again.

Versatile: No matter the pipe, from your stormwater drainage system, to blocked toilets and sewer drains the application and the whereabouts, rest assured our water jetter is the most effective solution across the range of domestic, commercial and industrial settings. Your pipes & drains get clogged for a variety of reasons, but a high pressure water jetter can be relied upon for a squeaky clean solution.

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Water Jetting: The New Cutting-Edge Technology In Drain Clearing

The inside of your pipes is rarely inspected, except with the most sophisticated of professional technology. It’s, therefore, no surprise that they can so often be completely forgotten about – even if we rely on them for so much as we go about our lives every minute of every day.

Unfortunately, it’s just inevitable that – over time – problems will occur. Have you noticed that:

  • Water is slow to drain?
  • Your drain has a strange smell?
  • It’s gurgling or making other strange sounds?
  • Toilet water levels are rising?
  • Your water pressure/flow is fluctuating or low?
  • Water is backing up?

In the worst cases, a chronically blocked drain can even cause flooding or pooling water, as well as signs of dampness or drips of water from your walls & floors. Ignore it for too long, and the damage could be irreversible.

Blocked drains in Sydney, in all of their varieties, are among the absolutely most common reasons for a plumbing call-out – because there are so many ways you can run into trouble.

Your blockage may be caused by:

  • Hair, food, soap, leaves, dirt, grease & gunk: It’s no surprise how all of this finds its way down our drains – even if you try your best to minimise it. Over enough time, it can knot itself together and cause a chronic blockage.
  • Paper, wipes, kitty litter & small objects: Admit it – you’ve sometimes flushed something you shouldn’t flush. But don’t be too hard on yourself, because nothing more than toilet paper can cause a blockage,
  • Pipe problems: Sometimes, though, it’s not your fault at all. Because pipes are human-made, they simply get old, deteriorate, crack and otherwise become damaged. Other issues are caused by poor installation or a lack of maintenance.
  • Tree roots: The way thirsty trees & plants get the nutrients they need is by wiggling their way into those sources of moisture – and sometimes that can be the tiniest crack in one of your pipes. Once they’re in, they grow and cause a lot of problems.
  • Build-up: Water, and the other stuff that goes down your drains, isn’t always as pure and simple as you think it is. And even when it is pure, over enough time certain mineral deposits will cake themselves to the inside of your pipes.

Once upon a time, even the best plumber was limited in terms of what they can do about a chronic or hard-to-locate and hard-to-rectify blockage. In some cases, it may have required expensive, lengthy and destructive excavation – but now, these same professionals of today are armed with cutting-edge high pressure water jetting equipment that makes life so much easier. For you, it’s the fastest, cheapest and least disruptive way to get your home or business flowing once again in a flash.

Speaking of less disruption, if it turns out your drain is damaged the pipe can be relined in many cases, avoiding digging up your yard or cutting concrete.

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Here at Affordable Plumbing Solutions, we resolve the pipe & drain blockages that other plumbers simply cannot. Our friendly and fully-licensed Sydney plumbers are trained, qualified and highly experienced in handling the latest ultra high pressure water jetting equipment and accessories. So for a timely, guaranteed and above-all affordable outcome, get in touch with Affordable Plumbing Solutions today.


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    I just created an account to write a review for Daniel from Affordable Plumbing Solutions as his professionalism deserves my efforts. Long story short, I had block drains and a really bad experience with another plumbing company, which could not fix the problem (I still have to pay....). I then came to Dan. He fixed the blocked drains, pinpointed the root of the problem and planed the preventative measures. Thanks to Dan to end the nightmare. I would highly recommend him if you need plumbing service.
    Justin J
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    Highly recommend this service. I had tree roots blocking my pipes. Daniel is very professional, coming to my place early, and was patient to diagnose where the true issue it is rather than just using Jetta. I haven't used Affordable Plumbing Solutions services for a long while. What impressed me is he still can find my last time issue according to his database. Finally, he pinpointed the problem and fixed it. I will definitely be using Affordable Plumbing Solutions for all of our plumbing needs going forward.
    Taylor C
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    Daniel was very quick and efficient changing our broken and blocked sewer He charged us with a very reasonable price and worked professionally! Will call you again.Thank you!
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    Thank you Daniel for clearing our blocked drains and for giving us a long term solution to reline. We are very happy with the work you have done.
    Mrs J

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