Plumbing Tips

how to unblock a drain outside

How To Block A Drain Outside In 6 Simple Steps

Need to know how to unblock a drain pipe outside? Suspect a blocked storm water or sewer drain? Here are 6 steps to unblock an outside drain.
gas compliance certificate NSW

Understanding Gas Compliance Certificate NSW

It is law in NSW that gas fitters provide NSW Fair Trading with a gas compliance certificate. But what is it exactly? When do you need one?
drain cleaning tools on truck

4 Professional Drain Cleaning Tools You Need To Know About

If the plunger or grandad's DIY baking soda-plus-vinegar brew didn't work, your stubbornly blocked drain will need one of these heavy-duty drain cleaning tools.
how to find water leaks at home

5 Ways To Find Water Leaks At Home

Do you think a hidden water leak could be lurking out of sight at your place? The damage and risks it can cause must not be ignored - so here's how to find it.
how to clear blocked downpipe

5 Ways To Clear A Blocked Downpipe Yourself

Do you have a blocked downpipe? Are you pretty handy with household DIY? If so, read our 5 tips before calling a plumber and learn how to unblock a downpipe.
hot water system problems sydney

7 Of The Most Common Hot Water System Problems

Hot water on the blink? One of many things may be causing your hot water system problems, but here the experts share the 7 most common.
smelly drains fix

What’s Causing Your Smelly Drains? (And How To Fix It Fast)

Need to get rid of that foul stench coming from your smelly drains? We explore the causes, the odours and the solutions for an easy smelly drain fix today.
how to get rid of drain flies effectively

How To Get Rid Of Drain Flies

Are drain flies pestering your drains and your plumbing? Here's a guide on how to get rid of drain flies effectively!
how to stop water hammer banner

How to Stop Water Hammer? 7 Simple Solutions that Really Work!

It's not just annoying - the bang, bang, BANG of water hammer can cause destructive damage to your pipes and plumbing. Need a simple water hammer fix? Here's 7.

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