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Pipe Relining Experts in Sydney

Do your pipes need some work, but you’re dreading having your lawn, trees, landscaping, driveway or even floorboards pulled up to make it happen? It sounds like you require the kind of specialist services in pipe relining Sydney clients just like you asked for.

It’s just a fact of life that sewer and other pipes become worn or damaged over time. That used to mean digging them up and starting again – but that was before innovative local Sydney plumbers came up with an easy and affordable modern solution that saves you time, money, mess and hassle: No-dig pipe relining!

In a nutshell, pipe relining is an innovative process that allows damaged pipes and blocked drains in hard-to-reach places to be expertly, safely and properly repaired rather than dug up and replaced. It’s a non-invasive process that uses high-tech technology rather than crude excavation!

pipe relining sydney

The Benefits of Pipe Relining

Pipe relining guards your underground pipes against the threat of tree root intrusion by eliminating the pipes’ usual seams and joints.

Compared to traditional pipe repairs and relaying, the pipe relining Sydney property owners just like you can benefit from is:

  • Fully flexible for different applications
  • Non-intrusive
  • Minimally disruptive
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Fast (hours rather than days)
  • Tidy, strong and effective

Why you will love our Sydney pipe relining

Our expert pipe relining services will not only rule out costly and stressful structural disturbances at your property, it will safeguard your pipes against tree roots, improve pipe flow, restore pipe integrity and stop leaks, and serve as a permanent alternative to replacing old and damaged pipes.

Not just that, our ‘pipe within a pipe’ relining solutions:

  • Are vastly less expensive than pipe replacement
  • Improve water quality
  • Guard against contamination
  • Are environmentally friendly
  • Are suitable for all residential, commercial and industrial applications

Don’t have it dug up – have it relined!

Affordable Plumbing Solutions’ team of experienced specialists use constantly-refined techniques and state-of-the-art technology to get your property back in tip-top shape FAST. We turn up on time, get the job done right, and absolutely guarantee our first-class workmanship. We service Sydney’s North Shore, including Warrawee, Gordon, Northbridge and beyond with the most Affordable Plumbing Solutions every single time, so get in touch to have your pipes and drains fully restored today.


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    2nd time we have used Affordable Plumbing Solutions and wow! Consistent experience both times, Daniel is professional, reliable and efficient. We had a blocked toilet, which he diagnosed and fixed. We 100% recommend using Affordable Plumbing Solutions, and on the affordable side, Affordable Plumbing Solutions lives up to its name!
    Gareth B
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    Daniel was very quick and efficient changing our broken and blocked sewer He charged us with a very reasonable price and worked professionally! Will call you again.Thank you!
  • Image testimonials
    Highly recommend this service. I had tree roots blocking my pipes. Daniel is very professional, coming to my place early, and was patient to diagnose where the true issue it is rather than just using Jetta. I haven't used Affordable Plumbing Solutions services for a long while. What impressed me is he still can find my last time issue according to his database. Finally, he pinpointed the problem and fixed it. I will definitely be using Affordable Plumbing Solutions for all of our plumbing needs going forward.
    Taylor C
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    I first found Dan at Affordable Plumbing Solutions about 3 years ago who quickly located and fixed a burst water pipe on my side of the main. From then, I have used him for all my plumbing works at my 40 year-old property that is surrounded by big trees and on a sloping block and wanted to post this overdue review! I find him to be friendly, quick, tidy, affordable, and most importantly, trustworthy. He explains his plans clearly and his suggestions are logical and never one suggested anything that was not necessary. I have since employed him and his side-kick Justin to complete 2 bigger jobs (15m reline of sewer, that was almost collapsed, and taking over from a shonky landscaper that was going to stop stormwater getting into my garage and downstairs rumpus room and competing the job appropriately) and am glad I did as we can’t be happier with the work done.
    Luke Stacey
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    I just created an account to write a review for Daniel from Affordable Plumbing Solutions as his professionalism deserves my efforts. Long story short, I had block drains and a really bad experience with another plumbing company, which could not fix the problem (I still have to pay....). I then came to Dan. He fixed the blocked drains, pinpointed the root of the problem and planed the preventative measures. Thanks to Dan to end the nightmare. I would highly recommend him if you need plumbing service.
    Justin J

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